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Austin's Story - 

Austin loves being outside playing in his sandpit, riding his little bikes and playing with toy tractors farm animals but this little boys story doesn’t start there 

Austin was diagnosed with Leukemia as a young baby. His parents were given a 50/50 chance of survival. 

After months of intense chemo and a trial drug Austin was in remissions. They done another 7 months of chemo and just a week before his first birthday in March 2019 we came home to TOOWOOMBA to start our maintenance.
They spent the 9 months in Brisbane with Austin and about 7 of those months Austin and his mother where in hospital the other 2 they stayed at the Leukemia foundation.
Austin will be 4 in March 2022 and we are now doing 8 week blood test and seeing his dr ever 6 months
*Austin Caps will be available this Friday 4th Feb 6pm AEST with donations been sent to leukemia foundation.
There is only a small number of these caps as we are selling on behalf of Austins Family.
The quantity of the caps will be updated as they come for sale at 6PM Friday 4/421