Longhorn Clay Studs - Burnt Orange

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How To Care For And Clean Your Earrings

- Our earrings are polymer clay earrings which are similar to plastic, so try not to drop or bend them and avoid setting anything on them. They are durable but if you bend them too much or are rough with them they could break. 
-Store jewelry in a closed space. Keep away from heat to avoid damage. Also avoid wearing them in water to keep them looking new. 
-If your jewelry begins to tarnish, you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean. 

-If you happen to get makeup/dust on the clay, you can use makeup wipes or a damp cloth to clean them. You can also use a tiny amount of acetone for tougher marks if you have to. (Not recommended to clean shine coated earrings or patterned earrings. Dark clay may show a white residue as well.)